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Wedding String Quartet

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Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Playlist Designer

Drag-and-drop your way to the perfect wedding ceremony.

Our 6-Step Process
The system we've used to ensure every wedding ceremony & cocktail hour we've ever played was categorically, explicitly perfect.
Check. Check. Get.
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Check our availability on your date
Check if we can travel to your specific venue
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(And of course, ask us any question.)
We do have a perfect record. In part, it's because we plan for any and all potential contingencies revolving around your venue. Whether your wedding is outdoors or indoors, there's a few questions we need to ask which will help ensure we're prepared for anything on your big day.
Vision Implement!
To us, the reason behind your song choice is just as important as the song choice itself. It's little details like that which help us understand you and your objectives. Therefore, the more you tell us about those objectives, the more able we'll be to craft a musical experience made expressly for that vision.
Playlist: Time & Design
Whether you know every single song on your list or, you need some help choosing, we'll help turn your ceremony, it's details, and your chosen song list into one, all-encompasing document: a mapped-out & seamless timetable.
For most couples, we're the first musicians they've ever hired. (A notion that we realize can be potentially nerve-racking.) Therefore, only after we know what you want and you know how we'll deliver... then and only then, should you book us. That's why every step before this is 100% free.
Guaranteed Perfection
Even though, it's never been used, we still mention our 100% money-back guarantee: If for ANY reason whatsoever you aren't COMPLETELY ecstatic with any and/or all aspects of us and our playing, then we demand you receive a full refund. ( We take quality control very seriously.)
Your wedding or event can be so much more with our live music.