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Spectacular live sound. Elegant visual display. Music that reflects you. With Dream City Strings, you’ll have the remarkably personal wedding you deserve.

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Beautiful Music For Your Day

Dream City Strings is a modern string quartet that believes that nobody should have to have a cookie-cutter wedding. Your day should highlight your uniqueness as a couple, and your music should be a reflection of that.

When you book Dream City Strings for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, your wedding becomes a personal and intimate event that you and your guests will remember forever.

You not only can select classics from the likes of Mozart and Bach, but songs by current artists like Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars. Your guests will be astounded at how brilliant these popular hits sound when they’re played live with violins and cellos.

By the way, we partner with DJs, so even if you’ve already booked a DJ, you can still have a spectacular live performance for your wedding.

Another reason we’re unlike other groups? We’ve mastered stage management. That means we know how to engage and excite any crowd. We smooth unexpected situations (like your flower girl bolting down the aisle). And we ensure your event is seamless—no matter what arises.

So whether you’re looking for phenomenal live music for your wedding ceremony, reception or corporate event, you and your guests will be listening and watching in awe.

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Our guests kept telling us throughout the night how awesome it was to hear songs that they recognized. The ceremony music was beautiful – they are clearly very good at what they do! They are very well-priced, and I am so glad with our decision to book them.


Married September

Perfect. It was perfect! Booking this ensemble made all the difference, adding an elegance to the ceremony that could not be achieved with recorded music.


Married October

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Your ensemble will consist of two violins, violas and cellos. Our instrumental blend offers the smoothest, most elegant combination for any genre.

You’ll also have the chance to select your songs in our own Music Portal that makes picking your wedding music as easy as picking your workout playlist—or guide our experts in building a perfectly curated playlist for you. Dream City Strings ensures you have a musical performance that captures the entire essence of your event.

Wedding Magic

Your wedding is once-in-a-lifetime. That’s why we design your music to represent and celebrate your unique love story.

You’ll have a string duo, trio or quartet that’s specially trained to perform at ceremonies and receptions. We mean it: we’ve worked with musicians across the nation to hone their performances and bring weddings to the next level. We’re like having the Vitamin String Quartet play at your wedding!

And through Dream City’s online planning portal, you’ll hand-select songs for your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception—or have our experts build a lineup for you.

Impactful Corporate Events

From fundraisers to award celebrations, we bring excitement and elegance to your event’s atmosphere. Dream City will indeed create the buzz your organization needs. After all, who could forget a stunning rendition of Adele on the violin?

Remember that your environment impacts how people feel. With an unforgettable performance, attendees will be more connected with your cause—ultimately impacting how much they donate.

To personalize your event, we’ll work with you to customize the playlist to match the exact vibe you’re going for. We can even emcee your night, so guests know when the silent auction ends and why it’s important to donate to your cause.


At Dream City Music, we know how stressful wedding planning is. That’s why we’ve made it our mission help you easily have a memorable wedding. 

Each Dream City musician is highly skilled—delivering the most remarkable music for each special song you’ve chosen.

In fact, our musicians are graduates of prestigious institutions like the Eastman School of Music, the University of Michigan School of Music and the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

Our musicians also play in world-renowned ensembles at world-renowned venues.

We had Dream City Strings for our ceremony and it was beautiful. They let us choose our music and even learned 2 new songs we requested. They were very professional and everyone loved listening to them play.


January, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments are in a string quartet?

A traditional string quartet has 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello. This is our recommended format simply because it provides the best possible sound, but we can pair down to a trio (2 violins and 1 cello) as necessary.

What does the booking process look like?

After you reach out to us and decide we’re a good fit for your event, we’ll send you a digital contract. Once you sign the digital contract, you’ll be prompted for a 25% deposit. Once we receive your signed contract and 25% deposit, your date is secure and we start planning out your music.

How far in advance should we book the quartet?

We encourage you to book as early as is feasible since the majority of spring and fall weekend dates book up rather quickly. As a general rule, we recommend booking at least 6 months prior to the date of your event. We reserve dates on a “first come, first served” basis.

Are your rates negotiable?

Due to the high caliber musician we use (which prevents any wedding mishaps due to any issues caused by inexperience), our musicians expect a certain level of payment. Our rates are non-negotiable, but be on the lookout for any promotions we are currently running!

Do you charge more to play both the ceremony and cocktail hour?

Yes. The first reason we charge extra is that the musicians will be spending more time preparing additional music as well as spending more time on-site during your event. Additionally, playing a ceremony requires a different (more-robust) skillset than a cocktail hour, so we compensate our musicians accordingly.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes. Our only concerns are the safety of the instruments and the ability to provide quality music. This means that we must be in full shade (especially in the summer), and there must be no precipitation.

How do I plan my music?

We use an online planning system called BookLive. Once your event is booked, you’ll be given access to a live music planning portal that guides you through choosing songs in our library.

Do we need to meet in person?

It is not actually necessary to meet in person. All details can be addressed over the phone, by email, or in your BookLive Planning Portal. However, if you prefer an in-person meeting, we are happy to arrange one.

Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?

It is not necessary for us to attend wedding rehearsals. We are adept in timing the music to the right length. We do recommend that you share a recording of the appropriate processional music with your wedding party so that they familiarize themselves with the piece to which they will be walking.

What time do you arrive before my event?

String quartets do not take very long to set up before we start playing. Our typical arrival time is 30 minutes prior to our first notee.

When should be the timeline and playlist finalized?

The timeline is due 2 months prior and the playlist is due 2 weeks prior.

Does the timeline need to be 100% accurate?

The timing within a wedding ceremony can be flexible. The most important timings the musicians need are the time of the first processional (typically the time printed on invitations), the prelude start time (typically 20 minutes prior), and the anticipated end time of the ceremony.

How does music during my Unity Ceremony work?

Typically, your officiant introduces the ceremony first. Once the introduction is finished, then we begin playing your chosen song while you walk over to the table, perform the ceremony (light the candle, plant the tree, etc.). Once you’re finished and arrive back at the altar, we’ll find the best place to finish our music and end gracefully. We typically do not play while the officiant speaks so as not to take anything away from the ceremony.

Will the musicians need someone to be providing cues for the procession of bridesmaids, bride and the recessional? And will they just adjust/transition through the songs based on what point we are at?

Someone providing cues will be helpful if possible. Aside from the processionals, the musicians do transition through the songs based on what point of the ceremony they’re in.

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