So many beautiful and compelling images surround the party and guests on a wedding day. There’s the dress, the flowers, the tuxedo, the cake, and the rings—just to name a few. So, it’s no wonder many iconic musicians have set the stories of their music videos around weddings. Here are three music videos that play with the wedding theme in different but equally effective ways.

1. “Hot N Cold” – Katy Perry

This 2000s pop hit doesn’t take the wedding day too seriously, but that’s what makes the video such a riot. It opens with slightly grainy, slightly saturated footage of a wedding between Perry and a shaggy-haired heartthrob. When this groom appears to get cold feet, the perky tune begins. The bridesmaids and groomsmen bob their heads in unison as the couple begins a wild chase. The situation gets increasingly nonsensical as a gang of baseball bat-wielding brides, break-dancers, and a zebra surround the groom. It is quickly revealed he was daydreaming the entire time. He finally gives his “I do’s,” much to the relief of Perry and her crew. They run down the aisle happily together, and the video ends in freeze frame. As silly as the video is, it is powerful to see wedding day worries conquered in playful and ultimately positive way.

2. “Lay Me Down” – Sam Smith

Then, on a much direr note, there’s the heart wrenching video for Sam Smith’s ballad, “Lay Me Down.” The video does begin in a church, but at a funeral instead of a wedding. Smith stands at the coffin while the congregation sits still, candles in hand. The camera pans around the crowd in one continuous shot, showing all manner of friends and family, mourning. Before long, the camera returns to the front of the church. It’s brighter as Smith holds hands and exchanges vows with his then-living husband. The scene distorts once more to show him in street clothes, alone, still weeping in that same church. As brutally tragic the story is, perhaps no other video depicts the commitment of the “‘til death do us part” wedding promise so elegantly and honestly.

3. “Sugar” – Maroon 5

Finally, there’s the hit viral hit video for Maroon 5’s “Sugar.” It features real 2014 weddings around Los Angeles crashed by the band. The suavely dressed group drives around the city in convertibles to popular wedding venues. They receive some skeptical and concerned looks while they set up their instruments, but as soon as they start playing, the bride, the groom, and every guest go wild. After jaws are picked up off the floor, the band becomes part of the celebration, taking drinks from partygoers and dancing along with them across the ballrooms. The video is certainly full of spectacle, but it shows that even celebrities are enchanted by the magic of a wedding day. Lead singer Adam Levine says at the end of the video, “Thank you so much. This was the coolest thing ever. Ever, ever, ever!”

Now, you can have a wedding that inspires a musician or artist just as these three were inspired. Let the love between you and your significant other shine bright!

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Thank you for reading! Happy planning!

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