The wedding cake—tiered with ornate white frosting and topped with a miniature plastic bride and groom—is a classic image of the wedding day. Yet, sometimes what is “classic” is not correct or convenient for every couple. This week, discover some equally delicious and equally elegant alternatives for the typical wedding cake. Serving some different desserts can help you cater to logistical needs, dietary restrictions, and the unique look and feel of your day.

1. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are not just for Homer Simpson. This bakery staple is a whimsical and simple treat to serve on your wedding day. Firstly, doughnuts come in numerous varieties. There are traditional rings, doughnut holes, filled Long Johns, fritters, crullers, and more. Each can be combined with unique frostings, glazes, sprinkles, and colorings to match the décor and meet flavor preferences. Then, whatever direction you take, doughnuts are easy for guests to hold and carry around your wedding venue. Prevent those “doh!” moments without sacrificing your style and consider doughnuts for your wedding dessert!


2. Macarons

Next, these small French confectioneries add an extra level of class to your dessert table. Similar to the doughnut, the parts of macarons can be mixed and matched to achieve the precise appearance and taste you desire. Additionally, the shape and size of the treats welcome their use in special arrangements like towers, trees, and spheres. There are numerous macaron recipes available that substitute the egg whites and almond so vegetarian, vegan, and nut allergic guests can still enjoy your special sweets, too!


3. S’mores

If you want to evoke those late summer nights spent sitting around a bonfire, try a s’more bar at your wedding. Not only does this add rustic charm, but s’mores are a customizable and interactive food. Different types of marshmallows, crackers, chocolates, and other trimmings can be served, helping guests create a dessert according to their likes and dislikes. Then, they can join you, your significant other, and other guests around small stoves to roast your fillings together. S’mores are not merely desserts but also another genuinely engaging activity for your wedding day.


When it comes to desserts, you’re welcome to be classic and you’re welcome to be creative! Do whatever allows you and your loved one to achieve your own flavor for your wedding day. We here at Dream City Music would love to play a part in your exceptional day. Whether you need a string ensemble or a DJ, we are happy to work with you! Contact us on our website today!

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