You may find the perfect venue, the perfect décor, the perfect food, the perfect drink, and the perfect entertainment for your wedding. Of course, this usually means your budget is anything but perfect. This week, we here at Dream City Music would like to show you a few ways to save money for your wedding day without sacrificing your dream. In fact, a few of these budgeting tactics may provide a simpler and more personal day for you and your loved one.

1. Start Small and Stay Small Where Possible


You have probably seen engaged friends stress over cutting down their guest lists. They want to invite a wide variety of their pals while parents insist that distant cousins must be included. Instead of amassing an enormous list first, start with the absolutely essential guests and add slowly from there. Begin with immediate family, add close friends, and so on. This helps avoid the pain of having to cross out specific names. This also helps rein in other spending like venue, invitations, and food. And, of course, a small and private wedding may provide a less stressful and more meaningful day for some couples.


2. Tap into the Talents of Family and Friends


Professionals can provide extraordinary and customizable services. This isn’t always necessary for every couple, though. Family and friends can provide decorations, desserts, or music, often at a lower price. Ask your artsy aunt to paint a few signs. Call your crafty cousin to assemble some centerpieces. Phone a foodie friend to whip up a couple cupcakes. Don’t pay them less simply because you know them; pay them for the quality of services provided or for the amount they specify. Ultimately, these folks often know exactly what you need for your special day, and that is priceless. So, seek professionals where necessary, but don’t be afraid to consult companions to save a bit.


3. Understand How You Plan and How You Spend


Do you bite off more than you can chew when given too much time or freedom? Do you act impulsively under pressure? Make sure you structure your wedding timeline to suit your planning and spending sensibilities. If you need focus, begin preparation closer to the wedding date. This will keep your mind and wallet centered on the necessities. If you need flexibility, begin preparation farther from the wedding date. This will allow you to work on each element carefully and respond to potential problems frugally. Everyone is capable of having an amazing and affordable wedding, no matter their traits or preferences. In some cases, practicing that extra self-awareness can reduce the worry and concern of wedding planning enormously.

So, we hope these budgeting tactics can help you save a few dollars and—more importantly—craft your wedding into a truly fun, elegant, meaningful day for you and your loved one. Dream City Music takes great pride in providing high-value music services for our prices. As you plan your wedding day, consider our beautiful ensembles and our exciting DJ services. Visit our website to learn about us and everything we can do for you! Thank you for reading, and happy planning!

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