Wedding season is well underway. Yet, receptions likely aren’t the only parties you’re going to be hosting or attending this summer. There will be pool parties, barbeques, picnics, and more. So, this week, we here at Dream City Music take a look at some of the best pop music has offered up so far in 2017. We have picked our favorite songs to include on your hip summer 2017 party playlist. Use them to set the mood and keep the chill all through the night!

1. “Don’t Take the Money” – Bleachers

Mastermind behind and front man of Bleachers, Jack Antonoff, has created songs with pop icons such as Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift. Yet, Bleachers’ new wave anthems—especially this lead single, “Don’t Take the Money”—reveal Antonoff shines brightest as the lead singer-songwriter. “Don’t Take the Money” is full of brooding verses and enormous choruses. Bubbly bass lines and sunny synth hooks capture the hope, romance, and nostalgia of summertime. Put this song and any other Bleachers hits on at your next get-together, and your guests will be smiling and dancing.


2. “On + Off” – Maggie Rogers

Like Antonoff, Maggie Rogers is a singer-songwriter with a signature sound fusing numerous styles and emotions. “On + Off” shows off Roger’s folksy and soulful vocals and her atmospheric electronic backbeats. It is also a bit more restrained than “Don’t Take the Money,” describing a place and state of calmness. The rhythmic bass guitar and echoing piano chords drive the song throughout while the drums intensify the sound dynamically. “On + Off” serves as a perfect buildup into an evening of festivities, illustrating the coolness of summer twilight.


3. “Hard Times” – Paramore

Turning up the energy again, “Hard Times” is the spritely single from pop-punk-turned-synth-rock band Paramore. Channeling the sparkling yet jagged sounds of beloved artists like Cyndi Lauper and Blondie alongside Paramore’s intensely grim lyrics, “Hard Times” is absolutely unique. Beginning with marimba, bongos, and tambourine, the song quickly bursts into a funky verse. Electronic beeps and bloops accent the catchy and flashy choruses and bridge. The overall result is one of the liveliest and smartest hits of 2017. It is sure to perk up the ears of the guests at your next party!

2017 has proved to be an excellent year for music thus far. We here at Dream City Music can make this your best year for music by providing more lists of hits like these and by providing the tunes for your next event. Check out our classic ensembles for your wedding ceremony or our new DJ services for the reception dance! And don’t forget you can book us online within seconds. Thank you for reading, and happy planning!

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