We are in the thick of wedding season, and the temperatures are rising. Sometimes, it is tough to move people from the beverage table and to keep them on the dance floor. As you assemble your wedding dance playlist, be sure to consider the three surefire classics below! We here at Dream City Music are confident these tunes will get guests—young and old—up and moving.

1. “Cecilia” – Simon and Garfunkel

When it comes to classic folk rock, Simon and Garfunkel are the kings. Their bouncy acoustic romp “Cecilia” is sure to get your family and friends stomping. Paul Simon penned the song after he, Art Garfunkel, and some partying friends were aimlessly plunking around on a piano at a get-together. The result was spontaneously recorded on tape. Simon couldn’t ignore the impromptu party jam. He finished the piece with the addition of some unforgettable lyrics and a few instrumental touches. It makes sense “Cecilia” was written at a party because its bright and sunny sound will bring the fun to your wedding dance.

2. “Runaround Sue” – Dion

“Runaround Sue” keeps the clapping of “Cecilia” going with the addition of a little doo-wop flavor. The iconic vocals let the crowd sing along even if they don’t know a single lyric. Dion DiMucci wrote the song following his departure from another doo-wop group. It has been covered by the likes of Leif Garrett and John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band. Rapper G-Eazy even sampled the song in his mixtape The Endless Summer, if you’re looking to seamlessly add some hip hop flavor to your playlist. Whatever version you play, “Runaround Sue” is simply irresistible.

3. “Shout” – The Isley Brothers

So, there is a common theme in these three classics, and that is exciting audience participation. “Shout” is possibly the best example of this. There is a good chance you’ve already sang and danced to this hit by The Isley Brothers. The brilliantly energetic call-and-response song has a little bit of everything. It begins with a smooth vocal run, quickly breaking into its speedy verses. A half-time groove follows. Finally, the song famously asks the audience to bring their voices low and then get louder than ever before! Nothing gets people out of their bar stools and onto the dance floor like “Shout!”

Overall, these three classics are shoe-ins if you’re looking to beat the heat and wow the crowd. And we here at Dream City Music hope we’ll be your shoe-ins for your ceremony and cocktail hour music. We have a variety of ensembles and soloists to bring you that elegant sound you’ve been looking for. And sign up for our email newsletter to see what new offerings are coming soon! Thank you for reading, and happy planning!

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Image from RockTrain.net

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