Just a few weeks ago, we here at Dream City Music brought you some wedding entertainment options beyond music. Now, we have partnered with Luka Magic to help provide you even more unique possibilities for your wedding day fun. Luka is an award-winning, professional deception artist—an excellent complement to your elegant event and the services Dream City Music provides!


Luka became fascinated with magic when he was only 11. After performing for his family for about a year, he and his parents traveled to Appleton, Wisconsin to learn about the world-famous Houdini at the History Museum at the Castle. Inspired, Luka continued to hone his skills even as he entered other professions. Eventually, he began to perform magic full-time to great success.




Luka Magic’s modern style of magic is not the bombastic top-hatted and sequined sort many people think of. Instead, Luka performs subtle and refined tricks as a deception artist through a combination of “magic, mentalism, and con games.” From ever confounding card tricks to seemingly impossible illusions, Luka provides an exciting, captivating, and humorous performance every time.

Luka will bring extraordinary experience to your wedding. He performs at other private events including banquets, birthdays, reunions, and corporate events. On the public stage, Luka has performed on television for FOX, CBS, and BVC. Perhaps most notably, Luka headlined the critically acclaimed “The Revollusionists” magic show alongside other magicians in Branson, Missouri.


Luka Magic Today

Now, Luka has returned to Milwaukee to cultivate his craft and entertain you and your guests at your wedding. To see him live soon, you can find him at the Safe House Restaurant in downtown Milwaukee every week! If you are looking for unforgettable and sophisticated entertainment at your wedding, consider Dream City Music’s partner, Luka Magic!

Then, after you’ve contacted Luka, be sure to contact us to fulfill all the musical needs at your wedding! Our many ensemble offerings and customizable song list are no trick! Contact us today for a quote or sign up for our email newsletter to learn more! Happy planning!

Images and Video from the Luka Magic Website

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