In many ways, the meal can be the centerpiece of your wedding day. Whether it is lunch or dinner, the catering anchors the festivities. It separates the elegant ceremony from the wild dancing, the cocktail chats from the party anthems, and the formal dress from the loosened ties. So, it is only right that delectable and refined food should tie the entire day together. These three Milwaukee-area caterers will help you and your loved one find the perfect food for you and your guests to enjoy.

1. Emerald City Catering

Between its regal, Wizard of Oz-inspired name and its warm, home-cooking sensibilities, Emerald City Catering can cook a meal fit for both a king and for a household of four. This caterer is located in South Milwaukee and is built on family recipes. The owner—appropriately called “Oz”—promises quality and personal customer service reminiscent of small-town businesses of days gone by. Meal options range from roasted prime rib to stuffed eggplant and more. Numerous vegetable and starch side dishes are also available. Emerald City can customize their menu in even further detail specifically for your wedding!

2. Ball ‘n Biscuit Catering

Ball ‘n Biscuit Catering sets itself apart by prioritizing the use of ingredients from around the Milwaukee area whenever possible. Further, they provide an extensive menu with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly foods. Even with a variety of entrée options from crab cakes to al pastor tacos to fettuccini alfredo, Ball n’ Biscuit is willing to try your own personal or family recipes that you submit. With over 20 years of experience in the food service industry, staff at Ball ‘n Biscuit will provide truly professional meals.

3. Saz’s Catering

Lastly, Saz’s State House is a popular and renowned restaurant in Milwaukee, and Saz’s Catering deserves equal recognition. This service has been feeding happy newlyweds and their guests for nearly forty years. Saz’s can even help you and your loved one find the perfect venue; their website attests that they have served their meals on isolated islands in the ocean. Assembled over the course of 25 years, the menu includes sliced New York strip steak, roasted Atlantic salmon, strawberry spinach salads, and even dessert floats made with Sprecher sodas. Saz’s is the place to get your wedding foods if you want a caterer with a rich history and reputation in Milwaukee.

So, are you hungry yet? We here at Dream City Music sure are. We hope you’ll consider Emerald City, Ball ‘n Biscuit, and Saz’s when planning your wedding menus. And don’t forget to contact us about your wedding soundtrack! Our various ensembles and our customizable song list are just a few reasons to get a quote today! We hope to talk to you soon. Happy planning!

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