So, you and your loved one have found the perfect cellist, jazz band, or DJ for your wedding day. What is the next step? What can be done to assist the entertainment? What will make the event run as smoothly as possible? This week, Dream City Music will suggest a few considerations for you and your planning team to keep in mind when accommodating for the wedding musicians. The right performer will work hard to make the day easy for all, and these helpful steps can make it even simpler!


Wedding musicians adapt to all sorts of venues and moods.

Step 1. Space for Setup

Firstly, nearly all wedding musicians will need significant area for equipment and performance. In the ceremony or reception venue, ensure the stage or area is large enough for instruments, chairs, speakers, lights, and more. Similarly, this stage or area must have a sufficient number of outlets for any electric gear. Having a few spare extension cords on hand is helpful, as well. Additionally, there ought to be a storage space for cases and boxes. Musicians want to keep the space clear to move freely and present their setup professionally. These small checks will have wedding musicians playing and looking their best as they craft your perfect soundtrack!

Step 2. Dress for Success

The sounds and songs of your wedding day may vary from the classical “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel to the wild “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon. However, that does not mean your special day’s unique looks and colors should be muddled. Be sure to discuss attire preferences with your soloist, band, or DJ. If the event is more formal, request ties, blazers, dresses, and so on. If the event is more casual, allow them to dress comfortably. Musicians want to be an essential part of your day, and suiting up for the part can help them achieve that feeling of inclusion and contribution.

Step 3. Clarify and Communicate

Lastly, correspondence with your wedding musician of choice is the most powerful step against confusion or calamity on your big day. Discuss any additional costs such as travel, lodging, food, and drink. Understand if your requests or venue require extra equipment. Note the number of staff they may need to bring for your wedding day. Speak with the musicians regularly as the date approaches so you both stay updated on the other. Clarification and communication will allow you and your musicians to not only avoid incident but also to create a personal connection!

So, we hope these steps ease the stress of you, your loved one, your planners, and your musicians in anticipation for the wedding day. In fact, we hope we can be those musicians for you. Dream City Music performers are organized, tasteful, and communicative. Not only that, Dream City Music provides customizable song list and an informative email newsletter to all interested clients. Talk with us today!

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