We here at Dream City Music recognize the string quartet, band, and DJ aren’t the only forms of entertainment to incorporate into your wedding day. Depending on your interests and passions, you and your loved one may be looking for complementary activities to engage your wedding party and guests. So, this week, we would like to explore a few ideas beyond musical entertainment. These activities will put a delightful spin on your big day.


Simple but charming yard games like this ring toss can liven the party at any outdoor wedding venue.

1. Photo Booths

Photo booths are quickly becoming staples of modern weddings—and for many good reasons. Firstly, they invite members of the wedding party and other guests to let loose and act silly in front of the camera. They can strike poses with family and friends and dress up in masks and headwear. These make for once-in-a-lifetime shots. Further, the printouts can be used as keepsakes for everyone. If two copies of a photo are printed, the guest may receive one as a keepsake, and you and your loved may receive the other for a scrapbook. You can even ask guests to write messages on the photos or on the scrapbook pages. In a way, photo booths can be both entertaining and practical.

2. Yard Games and Arcade Games

If you are looking for more casual entertainment, try providing games of various shapes and sizes. In sunny weather at an outdoor venue, yard games can be a delight. Bag toss and ladder ball are favorites for yard parties. A homemade ring toss game fits the occasion of weddings rather well, too. To truly set your wedding day apart, embrace your inner child and rent out some arcade games. These could include classic arcade games such as Pac-Man and Galaga. More wild and competitive choices may include Dance Dance Revolution and Skee-Ball. Yard games and arcade games are a joy to many, young and old.

3. Videos and Slideshows

Of course, you and your loved one should take every opportunity to express yourselves on your wedding day. Share your story with your guests while simultaneously providing entertainment by assembling videos and slideshows. Engaging and often moving, videos and slideshows bring guests closer to the couple. They may detail the lives of you and your partner before you met; after all, it wouldn’t be a grand family event without some embarrassing baby photos! Some photography services even provide quick and professional onsite productions. They will assemble a video or slideshow of the ceremony and the afternoon’s pictures to show at the wedding reception. Whether you set them up to run the entire event or call everyone together during dinner for a viewing, videos and slideshows can be the captivating bow that ties the day—and the people—together.

These smaller entertainment recommendations may sound unassuming at first, but their effect on the energy of your wedding day can be tremendous. So, if you are booking a string quartet, band, or DJ, don’t forget to branch out with one of these ideas or an idea of your own, as well!

Dream City Music is not just committed to providing elegant music on your wedding day. Our owners, Jared and Amanda, will do all they can to ensure the entertainment we provide is fully integrated alongside every element of your special day. Obtain a quote today! Check out our song list and make your own requests! Finally, sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date on all of our offerings!

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